• History

The Company was founded on 11 February 1957 by brothers Antonio, Luigi and Enzo Tenca. Still in the hands of the family today, the Company is run by the children and grandchildren and has a long background in the production of cereals: maize, barley, wheat and legumes, such as strictly GMO-free soya that is the foundation of our pig feed, in order to ensure a product of excellence. At the beginning of the season we select the best seeds, we work the land, ensuring the right water/nutrition ratio, and we use natural organic manure in order to enrich the soil and significantly reduce the use of chemical fertilizers. Our aim is to be able to demonstrate that the commitment and experience we put in producing our meat is a guarantee of good quality and that it can make a difference.

Our Company can boast the traceability and authenticity of its products because we cultivate, nurture (from birth to slaughter) and directly and personally handle the meat of our pigs. This is the only way to attain the best salami and a guarantee of authenticity, taste, smell, color, fragrance and flavor. It is for this reason that Tenca Farms has chosen to get into the game by going against the tide and not by standardizing the salumi that everyone knows, but reevaluating the real knowledge and the true flavors of the past.

Then time stops and the biological clock of aging punctuates the passing of the seasons.

Ultimately it is simple: just follow nature, comply with the rules and do not be hasty… Even life should be like this, especially when you savor our cured meats!