Culatello is the most prestigious and delicious of all salumi.

Its production is solely artisanal and tied to the popular traditions deeply rooted in our territory: farming families that bred and slaughtered one or two pigs per year and produced their own salumi. The humid climate of the area did not allow the entire swine thigh to mature, so they came up with the idea of deboning fresh ham and separately seasoning these parts, which are the Culatello and the Fiocchetto.

In fact, Culatello is obtained from the inner part of the thigh of the pig which is deboned, suitably cleaned and trimmed to obtain the typical shape of a “pear”.

It is dry salted, then tied by expert hands in a natural pork bladder casing and seasoned for at least 12 months in the cellar.
It is precisely this long maturing process in this special land surrounded by fog, lying along the great River Po, that is the determining factor. The climate is irreplaceable for the maturation and the aging of the King of salumi, whose art is handed down from generation to generation. Culatello embodies the history of a land, the traditions of its people and the particular characteristics of the climate.