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The UNIQUE Salami

The preparation entails the use of only pig meat, carefully selected, grounded and seasoned with salt, pepper and spices.


The preparation of our salami entails the use of only carefully selected pig meat. According to tradition, the process consists of…


Culatello is the most prestigious and delicious of all salumi. Its production is solely artisanal and tied to the popular traditions deeply rooted in our territory.


Pancetta is one of the fattiest cuts of the pig. It is taken from the abdomen, then squared and trimmed of its rind.

Fiocchetto di prosciutto

Fiocchetto di prosciutto is derived from the same pork thigh used to produce Culatello but with the fat and rind removed.

Coppa stagionata (Cured Coppa)

The muscle bundles of the neck are used in order to produce Coppa Stagionata. The dry salting takes place in a single step: massaging the flesh.

Lonza stagionata (Cured Lonza)

Lonza, one of the leanest cuts pork, is dry salted and seasoned with pepper and spices, packed into natural casings and tied by hand.

Spalla cotta (Cooked Shoulder)

Spalla Cotta is a delicious salumi. It is salted and skillfully tied by hand in order to give it  its characteristic shape…


Porchetta is a roast that contains all the parts of a single pig. The meats are salted and spiced with a mixture of ground black pepper…